Thank you

We picked up Rosie Raskey this afternoon and spoke very briefly with you in the front hall, and must apologize for not talking much more about Rose as we're both still a little choked up. Our little Pittie was very near and dear to us, so just talking about her brings memories and tears. She was a rescue that we found on the streets of Chicago, a complete mess, sickly, hurt, burnt and tossed out of the back of a white van. We decided to help her get healthy and keep her and it was the best thing we ever did, she was the best. Funny, lovable, loyal and smart, and losing her is going to take some time to get used to. Thank You...

The Raskey Family

He was taken care of with the utmost love and respect

I unexpectedly lost my Erick way to soon. I was completely devastated and between Plum Creek Veterinary Hospital and your Homeward Bound Pet Memorial Center, I was able to make it. My boy now sits in the most beautiful urn, and I know he was taken care of with the utmost love and respect. For that I thank each and everyone for making sure my boy was well taken care of.

Jason Winn

We loved the Rainbow Bridge card

On Tuesday, February 3, 2015 we made the hardest decision we have ever had to make. Our beautiful 13 year old dog's hips had gone out and we decided to lay her to rest. We contacted Dr. Kim Barnes, who was so incredible. She knew what a difficult choice this was for our family and treated our beloved pet with grace and dignity. Immediately after Dr. Barnes had left she called and asked us if we would like Jake's collar returned. On Friday she called and delivered Jake's clay paw print and collar. When I got home, I opened her bag and found the items enclosed. We loved the Rainbow Bridge card and the beautiful wildflower seeds that we can plant in her memory. We will be planting these in our garden this Spring. Thank you Homeward Bound and Dr. Barnes for easing our grief as we know you took incredible care with our best friend.

Lisa & Steve

I’m impressed that they would come to our home

While on vacation, our 14 year old dog passed away. We had no one available to transport a 100# dog to the vet for cremation. The vet called Homeward Bound for assistance. I'm impressed that they would come to our home and pick up Bear and take her to their facility. I wish to thank Homeward Bound for the care and concern expressed in a difficult situation for our family.

The Nauta Family

Our best to you and yours

Thank you for your compassion and caring for our loss of our little girl Blanca. So many people say, " it's just a dog." Obviously, they have never had a friend like ours that was there for 21 years. Your letter of condolence was greatly appreciated. Our best to you and yours!

Brian and Sandy Hicks

I was so grateful

I so much appreciate Gwen and Homeward Bound for being there for us when our Cairn Terrier Meeka passed away in December. Gwen's kindness and thoughtfulness helped me through that difficult time. She asked if I wanted a clipping of her fur and being in a daze I said no. Somehow she realized I wasn't sure and she did the small clipping after we had left her. When I picked up Meeka's ashes the next day, she handed me the tiny bag with her fur and told me "I had a feeling you really did want it." I was so grateful that she recognized how much I was grieving.

Sharon D.

Your kind act is greatly appreciated

Our family would like to express our thanks and gratitude to you for helping us in our time of grief. Finnegan, our 9 month old Cavalier King Charles Spaniel was brought to you yesterday. We appreciate the kindness you have shown us and the dignity with which you treated our beloved puppy. Your kind act is greatly appreciated and will stay with us forever. Thank you for all the good that you do.

The Champagne Family: Brian, Natalie, Justin, Everett and Brody

Thank you for the dignified and respectful care

I'd like to thank you for the dignified and respectful care you took with our beloved Sammi. She was cremated Feb. 18,2014 at your crematorium. The beautiful wooden urn you placed her cremains in sits next to her favorite recliner. She was our girl for 14 1/2 wonderful years. I planted the wildflower seeds under her favorite tree today. Thank you.

Sharon A.

A way for people to share their memories of their pets

During the worst days of our lives, Homeward Bound & their staff were compassionate & attentive to our wishes for our beloved BRONCO! A couple weeks later they reached out to Brigitte and invited her to a beautiful service for people who were also grieving the loss of their pets. The minister and the folks from Homeward Bound were very special and helped so many people deal with their loss that day. Several members of our family were grieving the loss of BRONCO. They also had their own pets that had passed. They went to the service and said how wonderful the service was and the gathering after was a way for people to share their memories of their pets, and it gave people a sense of peace. Thank You to the staff and all who made this possible for everything!!!!

Kevin & Brigitte

Your compassion has meant a lot to us

Last week we lost our dear feline friend, Max, unexpectedly and today we picked up his ashes from the Pikes Peak Veterinary Clinic. I wanted to tell you that the way you treated and delivered my pet's remains were very thoughtfully done and touched my heart. Thank you for including the paw print, lovely box containing his ashes, flower seeds and poem. This is a hard time for our family but your compassion has meant a lot to us. Thank you.

Jessica Richman