As a trusted professional, you need a trusted partner. At Lasting Paws Pet Memorial Services, we are committed to the high level of integrity your clients expect. Through our guiding principles—respect, integrity and service—we strive to offer the best pet aftercare choices for your veterinary hospital while ensuring that all pets and their families are treated with dignity and compassion.

When you partner with Lasting Paws Pet Memorial Services, you benefit from comprehensive, professional and reliable customer support that is unparalleled in the industry. We operate efficiently and deliver impeccable service.

Our integrated tracking system offers our partners an efficient online system for streamlining and monitoring pet aftercare choices, providing reliable customer support, convenience and, above all, a high level of accountability.

Contact us to learn how you can provide the ultimate in pet care – from your veterinary practice to the after life care of your dearest patients and their owners – we are the team you can trust.