We are grateful to all of you for understanding

Our wonderful poodle Chuzzlewit passed away at almost 18 years old. This has been a terribly hard time for our entire family. Since he died at home, we brought him into Homeward Bound ourselves. The sympathy, professionalism, and compassion that the entire staff showed us made our pain a little less. We are grateful to all of you for understanding how much we love and miss our dog. Thank you for providing excellent service to Colorado Springs.

James and Myra Hansen

The services that you offer are wonderful

I just wanted to thank you so much for your kindness, compassion, and caring professionalism. It really does make a difference. My vet at Dublin Animal Hospital made all the arrangements, which I was very thankful for at such a difficult time. Chewie was loved dearly by all who knew him, and is and will always be missed greatly. Not a day goes by where I do not think about him. It helps having him here with me, and he will always be in my heart and thoughts, but I feel even closer to him. The services that you offer, the support groups, and memorials/blessings, are wonderful. You have helped in making a bit easier what is already a difficult time.


The staff at Homeward Bound had so much compassion

When our believed dog Monty passed away at a young age, Sara, at East Springs Veterinary Hospital (our vet) took care of setting everything up for me with Homeward Bound. The staff at Homeward Bound had so much compassion for Monty and for my family. The staff even made sure Monty was cremated with his beloved toys at the request of my daughter. Thank You.

Erica Wood

It was my pleasure recently to visit your new facility

Through the years you have been considerate, understanding and very supportive of all my cremations. It was my pleasure recently to visit your new facility when I brought in 4 of my hedgehogs to be cremated. You have brought to Colorado Springs and the surrounding area an upscale crematorium with people who care and understand the grief owners are experiencing when they lose their beloved pets. My husband was able to attend the Pet Blessing and Celebration last Saturday and was equally impressed. You folks are wonderful, just like family! Merry Christmas!

Brenda Sandoval

I appreciate you so very much

HELLO Everyone at Homeward Bound: Here it's been over a year on October 12, 2011 and now 2012 since we lost our closest friend. I still am emotionally upset, but try to cope with things. I can sometimes feel his presence here with me. We have another family member now. He is a male Schnauzer, 5 years old, and we are giving our love to him. His name is Zach, but it's not the same as having Baxter with us. Zach gives his love to us and we do care for him. Just wanted to update you with what's going on. Miss the holidays and good times Baxter and I had. Please keep me updated where you are and I appreciate you so very much. HAPPY HOLIDAYS FROM OUR HOME TO YOURS. LOVE, THE BOGART FAMILY

Joann Bogart

I am grateful that you guys were so great with her

You guys had helped us a lot during our time of grief. I am grateful that you guys helped, but were also cheap enough for us to not have to worry about moving this weekend and be able to afford the deposit and rent. I am grateful that you guys were so great with her and even willing to have Miss Kitten Marie ready in a half hour for us as I was having a hard time leaving her there. I truly appreciate EVERYTHING you guys had done!!

Tosha Champion

They really treat everyone with exceptional care, concern and sincerity

The wonderful people who run Homeward Bound have now taken care of cremating two of our dearly loved dogs. We lost Bismarck in 1999 and Buddy in 2012 and in each instance these wonderful people were caring, compassionate and considerate. They answered all our concerns while constantly offering several options for almost anything we wanted to do to honor the love we shared with our furry friends. We're sure they see all ranges of reactions from customers in full grief from losing an animal companion (and we sure were making a mess of ourselves too) but they really treat everyone with exceptional care, concern and sincerity. Not only are all the people terrific but the facility itself is clean and comfortable, the equipment is modern and maintained, the steps they follow seem very strict and guaranteed to get the right pets to the right people and they are happy at any time to fully explain everything while you wait for your friend's ashes. It is always an awful thing to lose an animal companion but thank goodness that Homeward Bound makes it as easy as possible to go through all that while truly honoring the friendship, love, memories and times shared. I really recommend Homeward Bound.


Thanks for caring for our little kitty

Thanks for caring for our little kitty Eli, he was precious to us in more ways than we can count, and I'm so glad you were there for him and that we will always have him with us…thank you so much. The Mitchell's


From pet “parents” to pet “widowers” would be nearly impossible without all of you

To our vet, Dr. James Watson and the staff at Homeward Bound, the transition from pet "parents" to pet "widowers" would be nearly impossible without all of you. Our beloved Yogi (funniest tabby cat ever!) and Mousie (our rescued, green eyed beautiful calico), have been in the hands of the most wonderful people and we are forever grateful for your kindness, and selfless acts to grieving pet parents.

The Center Family

We will use them again in a time of grief

A year ago my Amazon parrot passed too young and unexpectedly. The staff at Homeward Bound were very supportive and respected my baby. I was such a mess when I dropped her off to them, that I could hardly answer some of the questions they were asking, so my husband was answering for me. She had a band on her one leg and they were going to take it off of her before cremating her, but they couldn't unless they broke her leg and respectfully they left her band on her and let me know when I picked her up in her beautiful urn and I was very glad that they were so respectful to her and I about the band. A few weeks after bringing her home and putting her on my shelf surrounded by my angel collection, I came home and found her urn on the floor opened and was afraid to even go look at the floor and to my surprise no ashes on the floor, they had put her ashes in a bag and used a twistie tie and around the twistie tie was Java's ID band, of course the numbers were burnt off, but it was the niceness of the staff to grab her band after cremation and tie it to the little baggie inside of her urn that made me happy. I would highly recommend these guys in the loss of a family pet. I have told many friends and they have used them as well and really liked the staff there too. We will use them again in a time of grief for our beloved family pets. Thank you so much Homeward Bound staff for taking care of my baby.

Nicole Gomez