We will use them again in a time of grief

A year ago my Amazon parrot passed too young and unexpectedly. The staff at Homeward Bound were very supportive and respected my baby. I was such a mess when I dropped her off to them, that I could hardly answer some of the questions they were asking, so my husband was answering for me. She had a band on her one leg and they were going to take it off of her before cremating her, but they couldn't unless they broke her leg and respectfully they left her band on her and let me know when I picked her up in her beautiful urn and I was very glad that they were so respectful to her and I about the band. A few weeks after bringing her home and putting her on my shelf surrounded by my angel collection, I came home and found her urn on the floor opened and was afraid to even go look at the floor and to my surprise no ashes on the floor, they had put her ashes in a bag and used a twistie tie and around the twistie tie was Java's ID band, of course the numbers were burnt off, but it was the niceness of the staff to grab her band after cremation and tie it to the little baggie inside of her urn that made me happy. I would highly recommend these guys in the loss of a family pet. I have told many friends and they have used them as well and really liked the staff there too. We will use them again in a time of grief for our beloved family pets. Thank you so much Homeward Bound staff for taking care of my baby.

Nicole Gomez

Thank you so much for the respect you gave

The day I lost Missi I left her in the capable hands of her doctor, Dr. Monyek. He said you would take good care of her and return her to me. You did that…and with great class. Other places would return the pet in a plastic bag in a box—I was happily surprised to see you returned my baby to me in a beautiful gray urn. Thank you so much for the respect you gave her.

Debbi McNeil

Thank you

Thank you for everything you did for our family. I was not able to talk from all the crying and you guys took care of everything. Thank you for not blowing me off and answering all my questions in my time of need. You treated Pepe' like a family member not an "animal". Thank you!

Melissa Bruce

Thank you!

We chose to cremate our beloved cat Fluffy through our Veterinary Santis Pet Clinic. Fluffy passed on April 16, 2018 he got cremated April 18th and we got him back April 25th and I couldn't be any happier with your service. We weren't expecting the clay with his paw print which also had a piece of his fur. That just made me feel much better. We got him home now and got his paw print as memory. Thank you very much for doing that and for Taking care of our baby Fluffy. You are truly Appreciated ❤????

Chavarria, Apr 2018

Thank you!

Lasting Paws is the only company that we would trust with our beloved Muffy. When that time came, we were assured that she'd be treated as one of their own. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Hyde, May 2018