I had to say goodbye to my best friend of 12 years on October 1st of 2017. Homeward Bound handled the cremation and return of her remains in a sensitive, timely and efficient manner. There was a misspelling on the paw print and plaque for her remains and they took care of it without hesitation. She will always be in my heart and mind and I look forward to the day we meet again at Rainbow Bridge. I highly recommend Homeward Bound when the time comes to say goodbye to your loved one. I will be contacting them when that time comes again.

Keegan, Feb 2018

A Peaceful Release

My more than beloved companion and medical bird of 27 years passed last August. I am just beginning another stage of recovery. He moved in 27 years ago because his caretakers were going to put him down. He never left because no one wanted him and then we fell in love. He was a Buddhist as he chanted a short Buddhist mantra very often. I followed Buddhist tradition of letting his body cool for three days and then called saying I was going to come to the cremation as I wanted to read the Blue Sutra for him. I was treated with great respect and compassion as I gathered not to many come to the ceremony. For me it was a celebration of the finality of this life where his health was rapidly declining and the freedom of the next without physical restraint. Homeward Bound could have not been more supportive for this ceremony and the peaceful release that it brought that day in mid-August. The Best

Wien, Jan 2018

Thank you.

It is a very kind and efficient cremation company.

Lucy, Mar 2015

Thank you.

Very thoughtful and caring people. The fact they came by the house and picked up my furry friend, then returned her ashes to me, a few days later, is priceless!

Dawn, Feb 2015

It’s never easy letting go.

It's never easy letting go of your beloved pet but RMPC made the mourning process a little easier for me. They came to the house and picked up my beautiful angel and returned her to me a few days later.

Dannette , Apr 2015

Thank you!

I can't tell you how thankful I am for your services. We lost our baby on Sunday morning, Jody picked her up within 30 minutes of being on the phone and delivered her ashes back on Tuesday. Thank you for being so respectful to our needs with our baby!


Thank you

Our 16 year pomeranian Lucyloo had passed and I just didn't know what to do. I was referred to RMPC by another company because he knew they would take care of us. Jody wasn't near the office at the time but had his wife Cindy met us there so we didn't have to wait. The amazing service began there. As we said our last goodbyes Cindy was so gracious and kind hearted. She treated our sweet girl with the utmost respect and dignity. Two days later Cindy called and asked if they could bring our baby home to us. This was something that really warmed my heart. I was so distraught losing my girl that I spent half of my life with. Cindy came to the door and hugged me so tight. I gave her a thank you note with a picture of our beauty. Her cherrywood box and paw prints remain on the mantle. I will never forget the love I felt on that day and the days following... Thank you Jody and Cindy for being there for me and my family.

Jody and Cindy

I Highly Recommend

My Great Dane, Murphy was hit by a car late Christmas Eve and died Christmas Day. He was my soul mate dog and I wasn't sure how to handle his burial, etc as the ground was frozen and he was huge. Rocky Mtn came and picked him up for me and handled everything. They even included a ceramic paw print. I am very pleased with your service and compassion. The cost was also very reasonable. I highly recommend~ Carrie B.


We were so impressed

Our sweet little guy, Charlie, passed away last Thursday here at home with the help of the wonderful vet from Transitions. She recommended Homeward Bound for his final arrangements and we are so glad. We were so impressed with their compassion and gentleness with which they treated us and Charlie. The lady that took care of us listened to our story of Charlie's life and was so compassionate and patient with us. She gave us plenty of time to make our choices and walked us through all the steps and explained everything that would happen. It was so hard to leave our Charlie with someone else for the last time but she assured us that they would take care him like he was theirs and the way she held him made me believe her. We were called the next day to let us know that "Charlie was ready to come home." We picked him up and they presented us with his paw print, clippings of all three colors of his fur and a packet of flower seeds for us to plant in our garden. Even though our hearts are broken we know that we did the right thing for our little guy and that all those that helped us with his final day here on earth were true animal lovers. Yesterday we received a sympathy card from Homeward Bound, signed by everyone that works there. It touches our hearts that you would take the time to remember us in our time of sorrow. We can not thank you enough for the compassion you showed us and for taking care of Charlie like he was your own.

Monica S.

The person I talked to was so helpful

Our precious cat of 14 years died suddenly on Friday afternoon. She had not been sick and showed no signs of illness. To say we were shocked would be an understatement. In our grief we did not know what to do with her. I found Homeward-Bound on the Internet and called them first thing Saturday morning. The person I talked to was so helpful and told me to bring her over and they would take care of her. I found the young lady to be sensitive, compassionate, and informative. She was so thoughtful as she received my Tabby, saying "we will take good care of her." Thank you Homeward-Bound. I will recommend you anytime.

Harold Graves