Above and beyond for every one of our animals

We have used lasting paws for every one of our animals. Recently we lost a foster kitten and they went above and beyond as aLways with her care for us. I remember every time ive had to come in to pick up one of our pets -you have always given our animals the care they deserve. Thank you for going above and beyond every single time. Picking up our little boo girl in the prettiest silk bag and box today eased the pain of her tragic loss-thank you for caring for our foster girl with such care and letting her rest so beautifully.

Davis Family

Little Lady Medusa

Having to make the most difficult choice to have a pet euthanized is very hard even when it's in their best interest. When I had Medusa cremated and got her remains back, I was overwhelmed with the beauty of what I received. A beautiful little sealed wood box, a name plaque, a paw print in clay (or not sure what it is in), and a certificate.
I have my little lady forever with me and will always cherish the beautiful way she was presented to me.
Thank you so much for your caring and professional way with taking care of my little girl.

Michelle Nyberg

Marley James

The care you showed in delivering my sweet boy back to me was truly exceptional. He was delivered with so much thought and care and packaged in such a beautiful box. I will be forever grateful of how he was handled, so glad to have my boy back home. Thank you for the wonderful service, it is greatly APPRECIATED in such a difficult time.

Morgan Hoffmann

Wonderful place

Lasting paw is a wonderful place to take your pet. I recently lost my DOG, MARLEY who belonged to my sister first. When my sister passed away suddenly 11 YEARS ago I took her dog and treated her like my own . So when Marley passed I was very heart broken not just loosing a companion but loosing the last little bit I was holding on to of my sister it was very hard. And lasting paw was so sweet and caring they made the process a little easier and in my time of grief showed so much respect and care for me and my pet. It takes a very special person to work there and I'm so thankful for everyone who help with my sweet Marley they really take the time to make it a special return of your pets REMAINS. would 100% RECOMMEND them to others I just wanted to hug the front desk woman for her help and compassion . Everyone there was so nice and friendly showing so much respect for my pet. I have so much gratitude for them. So again thank you for all that you do and did for Marley and me I know it can't be easy but I appreciate you guys for doing it.


sweet little Mango

We were so happy to bring our little fur baby girl home! we were beyond impressed with the packaging of her remains! the blue bag with her name, the blue velvet bag that held the wooden etched urn box, the box with the ribbon tie of her clay paw print and the extra special certificate. thank you for the excellent service you provide and the care you put into honoring our loved ones.

R & M Savagian

Empathy and compassion

We run a rescue, and see this place a lot, sadly. Danielle is the kindest, gentlest, Most compassionate lady! My animals are my world, and they get it. They're helpful, and willing to make an awful situation as seamless as possible. Used them since 1999. Fully trust their care and how they will support and help my rescue of loved ones.

Jennifer Wolf


I had callie for almost 15 years when we found out she had cancer. she fought hard but was tired and the best thing to do was let her go. lasting paws is so compassionate and caring when they got my baby. when i called to find out how things were going the young lady on the phone was amazing and kind. thank you all for taking care of my girl with such care. it means a lot at this time


Nickel a story of True Grit

Thank you for reminding me if what real customer serVice is like


loving care and respect

My little nine-year old cat developed some major life threatening health issues in 2022. after getting over the shock that i was going to have to say good-bye to my precious girl, i visited lasting paws. miranda and the staff answered all my questions and showed great empathy and respect fro me and my sweet little tommi girl. tommi started vocalizing pain and i knew that it was time to end her suffering. after our vet euthanized tommi ibrought her body to lasting paws. they took cae of my girl and later gave me her paw print, some of her fur, and herashes in a beautiful memorial. she now rests in our courtyard in one of her favorite spots. i can't thank miranda and the staff fro all the loving care that they gave to me and tommi. i am forever grateful.


Lovely & Thoughtful

Well, it all happened so fast.... my sweet little Miss Ginger cat of almost 17 years suddenly went in to kidney failure. I gave her lots of love, we made it through Christmas, and just couldn't bear the thought of her suffering, so made the call to the vet. The decision is always such a terrible one to have to make...watch them suffer oR take them in to be euthanized. She passed over to the rainbow bridge beautifully and peacefully at the vets the following morning. First class all the way in their "comfort room". my heart still just broke. But the nicest surprise was the binder of options for cremation that the vet's office had me look at. I chose the small tan urn and Ginger's pawprint keepsake. By Wednesday, the vet called and said GINGER's remains were ready to be picked up! I couldn't MusTER the strength to pick her up until today. I shed tears being handed the blue bag at the vet and I expressed my appreciation to them. I was happy to bring Ginger home again. But it wasn't until the quiet calm of this evening when I took a deep breath, finally looked inside the beautiful blue bag, and oh my.... Beyond any kind of expectation I may have had! What a beautiful little urn inside a soft velvet bag and the urn actually had her name engraved on it! Even the satin bag inside the urn with the remains is a lovely touch. The paw print keepsake even had her name on it in a classy blue box with silver tie/bow. And the special certificate and pamphlets on grieving were very much appreciated. Thank you for the service you provide and the care you put in to honoring our loved ones. It means the world. I'm just so happy to have Ginger home again.

Kerry Jacobson