Rayseen Crews

Rayseen came to me 13 years ago as a rescue, I was told she was a German Shepard. Far from what they told me, it all didn't matter as this pup grew into adult hood. My buddy and friend passed away unsuspected with a sever chronic case of pancreatitis Aug. 12th 2019. When my wife and I picked up her ashes we were presently surprised to see her final resting place was put in a beautiful urn with a heart felt note and inscription. A few days later we received a sympathy card in the mail. Lasting Paws seem to go above and beyond, knowing the grief that I was suffering. WE will be forever great full for there loving ways! RIP Rayseen, your buddy.

Rayseen crews

With eternal thanks and gratefulness…

When our beautiful beloved 17 year old Schipperke Tessy lost her battle with kidney disease our wonderful vet tech Megan let us know Lasting Paws would take good care of our Baby. I am absolutely beside myself with grief mourning the loss of my sweet darling little girl. When Tessy came back home the little tiny cedar box she is in is as delicate and beautiful as our Baby is. The staff at Lasting Paws was so kind, considerate and caring with my sweet little Tessy and I will be ever eternally grateful for that kindness and the care you gave to our Darling Little Sweetheart. There was a tiny little heart drawn on Tessy's name tag on her box. I want to thank the Lasting Paws tech that did that with all my heart for the beautiful gesture and kindness you showed to my precious Little Love Tessy. We are eternally grateful.

Brian and Janet Horwith


Saige became ill, and passed unexpectedly. I contacted Lasting Paws regarding cremation. I brought Saige's remains to the Henderson location on Monday. The woman who helped me showed me the urns that were available, and I chose one that had the color and points of Saige's pelt. I was told that her ashes would be ready for pickup in about a week. I received a call Friday morning that they were ready. My beautiful Saige is home now.



15 years of unconditional love was given every day in the life of my sweet bichon, Buzzer. Our vet uses your services and I want to thank Lasting Paws for the compassionate care you took of my beloved boy. I'm heartbroken over the loss of my precious fur baby and I broke down when I received the beautifully packaged box containing a card, the urn and the paw print both monogrammed with his name. Thank you for the heartfelt care that was given to my little love and the dignity shown in the final stage of crossing over from this life to doggie heaven.


our sweet dahlia

We just wanted to thank Lasting Paws for the wonderful way you took care of our little Dahlia. To say that I am heartbroken over the loss of our little girl wouldn't even begin to describe how I am feeling. When we received Dahlia's ashes, the wonderful paw print and beautiful card, I completely broke down. But this was in a good way knowing that such heartfelt care was taken for my beautiful little Dahlia. Thank you for the care and compassion you show our fur babies.


Beloved Cats

Our Vet uses your services. And when we lost our kitty girl in Dec of 2018: it was Loving Paws that the vet office used for cremation. The box the ashes come in is lovely, and the note that came along with it is very touching. And now again, that we have lost a beloved pet the vet we use, used your services. Once more the box the ashes came back in was lovely and the letter thoughtful and touching. It is clear you all do great work and have a loving hand with the animals that come to you. Thank you.


My Sadie Girl

I was so impressed with the urn in the paw print which was purple which is my favorite color you took very good care of her thank you so much words can’t describe I will love her forever

Vicky Cackler


On Friday I received the cremains of my much beloved dog, Lilly. When I opened the bag & found her paw print, I was overwhelmed with emotion & gratitude. She was my constant companion for 11 years & I miss her terribly. I will be forever grateful to you for your exemplary services.
Yvonne Kurash


So grateful

We lost our Doxsie Risky Joe on March 26, 2019 and our Basset Koda one week later on April 1, 2019 and we were unsure what to expect with pet cremation. I can say we are so happy your company handled Risky Joe (we haven’t gotten Koda back yet) with such respect. Thank you so much for making this hard time a little easier. I’m sure you will handle our Koda with the same respect. Thank you so much


Sad time

This is the second member of the family we had to have cremated in four months. We stayed for the cremation and observed that everyone at the facility treated the family members with care and respect. Ours was a single cremation, but we observed the handling of other members and found that they were cared for in the same respect we would want for any member. Even when you are not there, they handled the sad situation with professionalism and caring. It was reassuring to know that this service is available and that each member was handled with respect and dignity, a comforting end to a very sad situation. Mae and Red rest in peace. 3/21/19

Douglas and Wendy