Our beloved bearded dragon

When we received our bearded dragon Junkrats remains back from lasting paw. I burst into tears when I opened the box. The foot impression was such a beautiful keepsake of our boy to go with the nice wooden box his remains are in. Now our son has something beautiful to display to remember our Junkrat that we raised from a hatchling. Thank you so much for the care and love put into what you do. We cannot thank you enough for that during this sad time for our family.


our dog is family

we lost our beloved dog osa. We greive her loss greatly. Making arrangements for her was so hard. This company took such great care of her. From the paw print, urn, to a lock of her hair. It was perfect. It brought some peace to us having her back. We now feel like our family is complete again. Even our other 2 dogs look at it. On one of the hardest days of our lives, you all brought back some peace to our family. Thank you for what you did for us, but most of all for her.


Saying Goodbye to Coal

Thank you so much for the dignified care of our beloved Coal. He gave us love for 17 years and we finally had to swap his pain for our own. Your services went above and beyond and we will be recommending you to others. The cedar box is beautiful, the pay print is touching, and the signed card was caring. Thank you to Devin and all others who had a hand in Coal's cremation.



Thank you for taking such care for our girl Copper. Your card and care meant so much to us at this difficult time.


Our old guy scooter

We have had our little man Scooter for 16 years. I got him when he was 4 weeks old. He was the runt and not expected to live long. He was a beautiful black and white ShihTzu. I had to make the decision to put him back in Gods arms. When I received his remains back I was just amazed at the overwhelming show of dignity and respect that was shown to my baby. From the paw print to the cremation certificate to the tracking number to insure that hes known all thru the process. Thank you all so much for the outstanding love and care given to my special guy!

Amanda allen

Our sweet BRUTUS

We didn’t know what to expect when we went to retrieve our little Bruticups cremains because we went through the Human Society and we didn’t get a brochure or any information on who was doing the cremation. I was handed a pretty blue box with a beautiful cedar urn inside. Thank you so so much from the bottom of our hearts for our little angels final resting place.

Mark and jhane Todd


Hi I just wanted to thank you for taking the best care of my boy, your card included in with them when I went back to the vet to pick him up meant a lot to me just knowing he was cared for by someone when I couldn’t just fills my heart. Thank you so much!

Nicole OEser

Cleo my loving companion

From the moment I called Lasting Paws I knew you would take good care of my little one. The concern in your voice was pure compassion. The young man who came to pick up Cleo was so loving and tender to both of us. When I came to the office to pick up Cleo the lady was so kind and helped me to trim my picture to fit the fame. I loved it when I got home to be able to put her on the table immediately and gave me great relief. I look forward to the Spring when I can plant the wild flower seeds I received from Lasting Paws. They will grow in her favorite area of our yard. Thank you all for being so kind and understanding throughout this process making it so much easier for me and my fur baby girl.


Yogi the Greythound

I want to say thank you for the beautiful Rosewood wooden urn where my Yogi's ashes are. I also want to say what a beautiful job you did from beginning to end. The thoughtful sympathy note . I was so upset over Yogi's passing that I was able to have some closure to the long process of grieving. You did a beautiful thing for
the Fisher family.
Joyce & William Fisher

Joyce,William and YOGI Fisher

thank you for the wonderful way you took care of our socks

We thank you for the way you took care of our beloved Socks when she passed away. We did not attempt to open the blue box that was given to us with her remains until several weeks after her passing. Thoughts of her where to fresh and mournful. When we did open the box we were so surprised and happy to see the beautiful container with our dear pet enclosed. Her name Socks Dunne was so heartfelt and appropriate. Thank you Thank you Thank you.

ted & joy dunne