Wonderful care with our little guy Salei

Such loving care given with Salei. Thank you for your caring. Your service was wonderful.

Ron and Beth Nordman

Favorite Dawg

There are no words that can justify the warmth and love that a person feels when they decide on Lasting Paws. I lost my Jethro in October, after sharing over twelve years together. And I do mean together. In 12 years we were only apart a total of 16 days. Sherri deserves the wings of an Angel for her compassion and outright tenderness to my situation. She allowed me to sit and ramble on about my favorite dawg, with intense curiosity which helped in Jethro, not by my side. I'm still not over my loss, yet it's getting better, enough for me to type this. Thank you so much for the respect and sincerity Lasting Paws showed us. I just wish you could have known Jethro. He wasn't just my dog, he was my Jethro.


My Sweet red heeler gets her angel’s wings

This is of course the most difficult aspect of owning a dog, I would like you to know how touched I was to get my girl, "Sister's" remains back in such a Beautiful Rosewood box that I was able to choose a " Best Friend" brass plate for! The tech at Big Thompson Animal Hospital requested, to please include some fur clippings and you did a great job at that. I've had 5 other dogs go to Heaven but this girl and I were so very close. We had a very special bond and the void I still feel is tremendous; however the table/altar I made for her has the white ceramic paw print(thoughtful, unexpected), Rosewood box, picture of Sister, a candle I light night and day in her memory, and a small Rosewood box I had that I put her fur in. It soothes my aching soul to look at this sweet arrangement and I remember many fun, quiet, cuddling, walking times through eyes wet with tears.
Also, the Prints of Love cards of her footprints are so thoughtful and everything is very appreciated, you really outdid yourselves ! I still walk around my little Mobile Home -900 sq. ft. and talk to her like she's here, and I miss my girl more than I could ever have imagined, even though I thought I was "prepared" because she was 15 1/2 and had 2 health issues. Just like my late husband was the Love of My Life, Sister will be the Dog of My Life. Thanks to all of you for making this 2nd most difficult part of my life journey more bearable. You have got to know what it's like to do the Compassionate, Wonderful, Caring job you do. Sister had the blue/red/yellow flowered rug and came in on January 9th 2021, with her winter sweater on. Your heartfelt treatment of her and bestowing me with such wonderful daily reminders means more to me than you'll ever know. Thank you for a job beautifully done and From The Heart ! Sincerely, Cindy Desist

Cindy Desist

Thank you!

This is for the Henderson facility. Thank you so much for everything. I had been waiting 10 days to get my little buddy's cremains back, and was initially disappointed to know that it might be even longer, with the pandemic and recent Thanksgiving holidays. However, extra steps/arrangements were made to have his cremains delivered to the animal hospital where he was euthanized. Everything was just beautiful, his remembrance box containing his ashes and his clay pawprint. I loved the engraving of his name on the box and pawprint as well. Everything was packaged nicely. It's nice to know that the staff care about the work they do. I found them to be kind and compassionate. I would recommend Lasting Paws to anyone needing aftercare services for their beloved pets.


Very grateful

I recently had to take my boy Xander (whom I've had for around 12 yrs) in for a cremation. It was a very hard and emotional day for me and my kids. The employee, Rusty, was so extremely kind and empathetic and it really showed in the way he helped us with everything. I just wanted to say thank you so much for making this a good experience, especially with how hard this whole situation was. I definitely recommend this business.


My beloved Molly

After 13 wonderful years with my “queen” MOLLY I had to make that dreaded decision. The vet I used sent my baby to you. After 2 weeks I got her back today. I want to say thank you for making me a beautiful paw print of her and the detail on her wooden urn is just perfect! I have used your services before and was so thankful to know that this was were my Molly went for cremation! Thank you for taking excellent care of my girl.



12/14/21 After making the difficult decision to end my cat's life, I found great comfort in the way I received him back. So beautifully presented, from the carved wooden box to the blue velvet satchel, gold engraved nameplate, and his terracotta paw print, I felt confident that Lasting Paws had treated my "Roadie" with love and respect during the process. Instead of tears, I found comfort. They answered all my questions with patience and kindness. I am beyond grateful. I ditto all the 5 Star reviews on Yelp. Thank you Lasting Paws.....

D. ellis, Dec 2021

Meyer’s care

Adam was so kind and took time with me when I said goodbye to my Meyer. He was gentle and respectful of Meyer and I am grateful to him and all at Lasting Paws.

Suzanne Morris

My little Angel

Thank you so much for taking the time and gentle care after our Bonnie Rae went over the rainbow bridge the urn is so beautiful and we will cherish her and the urn for the rest of our lives thank you again for taking time with our little girl.

April and ryan Case (Bonnie rae Case)

My special guy

Thank you so much for the beautiful cremation service.
And thank you for treating my baby so special!!! I appreciate you