Little wing

Thank you so much for the care you took if little wong edwards. The compassion you show when you return the babies back to our home. It means alot to me to know he was loved by people that truly cared. Thank again for your caring and compassion❤️

Patti edwards


We lost our precious Tucky Dec 3rd after a short 2 month battle with osteosarcoma. It was an ABSOLUTE shock to lose an otherwise HEALTHY 5 year old pitty. A short 5 days later our boy was returned to us. To tell you how comforting it was to see the heartfelt care that was given to our pupper is an underStatement. We cannot thank you enough for the dignity you bestowed on our beloved Tucky. You made this a beaUtiful exPerience and we thank you for the service you prOvide at such a difficult time in our lives
The lindquist family



He was a king of the house that is until he had cancer there for he is loved and Miss so much he was a good loving cat to all and he would love to be off in a tree to hid from me then or to sit on top of the dog bed he is gone and no more pain then rip to you sir king at

2013 to 2022


My sweet mini me

On june 15th, 2022 i lost my sweet mini me to sudden kidney failure. That was the worst day of my life and the hardest decision i have ever had to make. The vet clinic she was at where all amazing and sweet. I choose to have my girl cremated and a paw print done. A week later i got a call that i could go pick my girl up and the bag i received was more then i expected. From the beautiful bag to the hand carved box with her name engraved and the paw print so beautifully Wrapped with care it was more then i imagined. You could just tell the love,care and respect me and my sweet girl were given. She will always be loved and missed. Mini me (3/24/2010-6/15/2022)
Thank you so much!
Jen & mini me

Jennifer Kennedy

Hendrix “Heni”

We lost our kitty, Hendrix, last week after twelve years of so much love. Hendrix was incredibly special to us, as he was our first pet together and we were the three amigos for so long. Today I received a package to my door, not expecting it since I was going to go pick him up instead, but comforted that he was home once again and that we didn’t have to make the drive and feel that sadness. We didn’t purchase a urn, although they are beautiful, because we are going to bury him when we are able. I am so impressed with the package we received. The container is beautiful, the certificate meaningful, and the clay paw print made our hearts so happy. You don’t even know how special this is to us. I want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Kyle and bree Baird


Thank you Jesse, so much for everything you did for me and my girl Fable. Though after a month I’m still struggling and heart broken, you gave me something I can hold that makes her feel just a little bit closer. To future clients, the sterling pendants are beautiful! I very highly recommend the custom paw print. I never expected to get so attached to a piece of jewelry like I did this one. It means everything to me. The cedar box with Fable’s name etched on the top is also very beautiful, as is the clay paw print. I’m so incredibly grateful to Lasting Paws and the service they provide. Because of them, Fable is home.

Christine Barrett

Such care and dignIty

I lost my beloved Gizmo last week. Being 15 and in ill health, I knew our good bye was drawing near. But the day we had to say goodbye was unbearable. I never sobbed so hard in my life. I was a mess picking out Gizmo’s aftercare arrangements. I wasn’t in the right mind but I mustered up strength to do so. Just a quick 4 days later I received Gizmo’s remains. The beautiful, tasteful bag was packed with such loving care and perfect attention to detail. Such an elegant, meaningful tribute to my beloved dog. The cedar box with his nickname engraved on top plus his paw imprint bring me so much comfort in my grief. I am so glad I was able to choose a private cremation… sadly, we have all heard stories of callousness. But Lasting Paws provided what I requested and I can draw peace knowing my boy is home with me again. Thank you again for making a lovely tribute to my dear, sweet Gizmo.


Wonderful care with our little guy Salei

Such loving care given with Salei. Thank you for your caring. Your service was wonderful.

Ron and Beth Nordman

Favorite Dawg

There are no words that can justify the warmth and love that a person feels when they decide on Lasting Paws. I lost my Jethro in October, after sharing over twelve years together. And I do mean together. In 12 years we were only apart a total of 16 days. Sherri deserves the wings of an Angel for her compassion and outright tenderness to my situation. She allowed me to sit and ramble on about my favorite dawg, with intense curiosity which helped in Jethro, not by my side. I'm still not over my loss, yet it's getting better, enough for me to type this. Thank you so much for the respect and sincerity Lasting Paws showed us. I just wish you could have known Jethro. He wasn't just my dog, he was my Jethro.


My Sweet red heeler gets her angel’s wings

This is of course the most difficult aspect of owning a dog, I would like you to know how touched I was to get my girl, "Sister's" remains back in such a Beautiful Rosewood box that I was able to choose a " Best Friend" brass plate for! The tech at Big Thompson Animal Hospital requested, to please include some fur clippings and you did a great job at that. I've had 5 other dogs go to Heaven but this girl and I were so very close. We had a very special bond and the void I still feel is tremendous; however the table/altar I made for her has the white ceramic paw print(thoughtful, unexpected), Rosewood box, picture of Sister, a candle I light night and day in her memory, and a small Rosewood box I had that I put her fur in. It soothes my aching soul to look at this sweet arrangement and I remember many fun, quiet, cuddling, walking times through eyes wet with tears.
Also, the Prints of Love cards of her footprints are so thoughtful and everything is very appreciated, you really outdid yourselves ! I still walk around my little Mobile Home -900 sq. ft. and talk to her like she's here, and I miss my girl more than I could ever have imagined, even though I thought I was "prepared" because she was 15 1/2 and had 2 health issues. Just like my late husband was the Love of My Life, Sister will be the Dog of My Life. Thanks to all of you for making this 2nd most difficult part of my life journey more bearable. You have got to know what it's like to do the Compassionate, Wonderful, Caring job you do. Sister had the blue/red/yellow flowered rug and came in on January 9th 2021, with her winter sweater on. Your heartfelt treatment of her and bestowing me with such wonderful daily reminders means more to me than you'll ever know. Thank you for a job beautifully done and From The Heart ! Sincerely, Cindy Desist

Cindy Desist