Online Memorials


2002 - 2015

Zeus, affectionately known as "my little man" was a tiny 6 pound MinPin with a big personality and heart. He entered my life when he was 8 weeks and crossed the Rainbow Bridge just shy of 13 1/2 years. Zeus was always a happy, animated little dog, as evidenced by his non-stop wagging tail, bright eyes and perky attitude. Over the years, I added other rescues to our family, and love them though I may, Zeus was always my "heart" dog. He saw me through some of the worst times of my life, saw me at my worst and best, and loved me unconditionally, no matter what. He was always momma's "little man." The last year of Zeus' life was fraught with mounting health issues, but he was always willing to fight another day, until very recently. For such a loyal, loving companion and family member, the kindest thing I could do was to let him go. Zeus slipped his earthly bonds in his momma's arms, and with his favorite doc by his side, on Saturday, May 16, 2015 and crossed the Rainbow Bridge. I wil l forever more miss his sweet face and quiet breath against my cheek. We will one day meet again "little man." You are no longer by my side, but will be forever in my heart.

--Susan Cunningham