Online Memorials


2011 - 2024

My sweet Zeke….We almost made it to an entire decade together. October would have been 10 years since I went to take the trash out and you waltzed into my apartment like you lived there. I’m not sure why you did but I’m glad you chose me to be your person. You got me through some of the hardest times in my life.

You never protested too hard when I wanted to put a sweater or a silly hat on you for the sake of a cute picture. You would find bursts of energy to chase a laser pointer with the most hilarious scuffle of all time before returning back to your true old man lump of a cat self.

It never got old seeing you do something cute which would explain the embarrassingly large number of pictures I have on my phone of you. Covering your face while you slept and holding your “special arms” up were the ones that melted my heart most. I’m sad I’ll never get to walk into a room and see you laying in the loaf position and yelling “you gots no legs, lieutenant dan!!!” again. It was funny every time.

Every time a male (or even masculine presenting person for that matter) would come into the house you sprang to action with your most pathetic begging eyes you could find. You knew that men = getting snacks and it worked like a charm. Donnie coulda bought stock with how many bags of treats he bought you over the years.

I’ll miss getting woken up by you biting my chin because you were hungry or headbutting me every time I picked you up because you just had to love everything with your entire face. I'll miss you climbing on my bed and just laying on my head like I wasn't there. I'll even miss waking up to the sound of you licking the laundry basket for hours on end. I'll never understand that, but man did it make you happy. Ill miss having a buddy that LOVED car rides despite not being a dog. Morning coffee won’t be the same without you laying on my arm, rendering it unusable just so I would pet you. Countless times you laid on my chest when I was sad and purred your little heart out, like you knew. I’ll even miss you trying to snatch popcorn or string cheese out of my mouth whenever I tried eating it around you. Very little motivated you more than those two snacks.

I’m sorry that your last few months were so uncomfortable and I hope my selfishness to want to keep you didn’t make things much worse. This was the hardest decision I’ve ever had to make and I hope you know how much I loved you for these last almost 10 years. I used to joke that you were a pain in the butt but you were MY pain in the butt and I’ll miss everything about you. You were so much more to me than "just a cat". Even until your last breath in my arms, you were the sweetest, cuddliest boy.

Now you can run free without pain. 🐾Chase all of the grasshoppers, my sweet boy. I love you so so so much. 💔☹️🌈 10/03/2011 - 06/22/2024🌈☹️💔
Cancer sucks.