Online Memorials


1997 - 2015

Although we knew he had a good life and he would probably not make it to his 18th birthday, it was still hard to say goodbye to this little guy. November 10, 1997 - June 8, 2015 He knew dinner was served promptly at 5;00; daylight savings time was especially hard on him. He knew when you were peeling a cucumber or carrot no matter where he was in the house. He knew to sit near “Dad’s” chair at dinnertime. The odds were much better there. He knew he wasn’t suppose to jump up on the couch but did… as soon as we left the house. He knew if we pointed to the disheveled pillows upon our return…he was busted. He knew the minute you were heading to bed, because he wouldn't go unless you did. He knew he was getting older when he just couldn’t stay up with you anymore. He knew when I got the dog brush out, it was time to quickly exit the room. He knew his only groomer of 17 years was still not the person he was happy to see. He knew when we were nearing the cabin as soon as we got to the dirt road. He knew if we walked “Sis” and “Bro” to school, all their little friends would greet him. He knew if he waited near the front door close to 3:00, the kids would be home. He knew most commands, and that the word “cheese” was synonymous with the word “come”. He knew you would move from his path when he got the “zoomies” in the house. He knew when there was a thunderstorm and would convey it with a little “pile” on the floor. He knew how to wave “bye bye” to our guests as they left. It was the polite thing to do. He knew when we were away even when his sight and hearing were long gone. Most importantly…he knew the way into our hearts.