Online Memorials


2012 - 2023

It's impossible for me to put into words how much I love you. I often tried when you were with us, but even then I would break into tears. You changed me Bubba, in so many ways for the better. I can already feel myself changing as a result of your passing. You are the bestest doggo anyone could have asked for, and you brought joy to anyone lucky enough to experience your warm/kind/loving soul. You lived life on your terms, and your stubborn insistence earned you the lasting name of Grump. I know you got sick of the smothering cuddles we gave you, but also know deep down that you loved them. Your handsome face, athletic build and beautiful matching coat and eyes always attracted people to you. You were calm, wise, alert, dominant, spirited, playful, protective, loving, sincere and always appreciative, Buddy! As you got older, and loved to sit in nature and take it in, the real you shined through in magical way! I will forever cherish the endless hours we spent sitting in the grass, relaxing in the creek, or simply sniffing the wind. You enriched our lives more than I ever knew possible. We love you and you love us immeasurably. Your Daddies know you will be with us forever, sweet baby Woof. Have fun forever running free, humping, swimming, sniffing, chasing squirrels, eating all the meats, potato sweets, eggos, snackies and treats. Endless smooches and loves, Wally!