Online Memorials


Tyler was a celebration of life. He was fun, energetic, lively, loved everyone he met and was quite the character. When we got Tyler and Jordan at 9 weeks, some told us they would NEVER allow a person to have 2 puppies from the same litter. The puppies would bond with each other and not us. If Tyler had been any more bonded to me, we’d be doing the ultimate Super Glue commercial, When I’d run errands, he’d lay by the garage pedestrian door waiting for me to return. While he loved his family, he was Velcro’ed to me. Tyler opened doors for me that I never expected. We did a lot of living and traveling and met a lot of new people and just plain had a good time; things I never would have done and people I never would have met if I had not had him in my life. Tyler truly was a celebration of life. Most importantly, he was my devoted buddy. He will be deeply missed.
-- Chuck Bessant