Online Memorials

Tobi Arlene

We had our little Tobi put down today at noon. I need to share just a bit of her story with our friends and family. Eleven years ago this month we found Tobi at the shelter, she was a lost little 1.5 year old that had been turned in twice. She and I knew right off, Terry said "well, she is a cutie," so we got her. We were doing the Sky Sox signage then and Terry took her out to the field where she chased...and caught...a couple of rabbits, taking them to Terry as a gift. She walked with Terry five mornings a week and learned quickly to wait at the curb for him to catch up. She and I were car gals, put the top down and feel the breeze in our fur. She went to the office everyday and when Terry went in on the weekends alone she went with him, more rabbits! When I learned to knit, we became yarn snobs taking in the scent of sheep and angora (read rabbit) and llamas. She never met a squirrel she didn't want to torment and did so in our back yard from the first day. Tobi left a will that she wanted me to share with you, she did not have opposable thumbs so I typed it up for her. She leaves behind to the poor, lonely stray; -her happy home -her bowls of warm food and cool water, cozy beds, soft pillows and all of her toys -our laps and gentle hands - our voices which she so enjoyed speaking her name - the place she had in our hearts She asked that we not say "we will never have another dog for the loss is too great", and that we find another unloved, scared dog whose life has held little or no hope and give her place to them. This is the best she had to leave, The Love She Left Behind. Just look at that face..... Tobi's Mom....
--Juice & Terry Jenson