Online Memorials

Tiny, Cali, and Spooky

We lost all three of our kitties this week. We had all three of them since they were five weeks old. Tiny was 17.5 years old and his sister Cali was 17.5, and their half-sister Spooky was 18.5. Tiny liked to go on walks (he thought he was part dog). He slept and was by my side every night of his life. He loved the electric back massage; he would coming running. Everyone who met him, loved him - especially children. Tiny was so intuitive he even knew when my back was hurting, and he would lay against that spot. Cali was more to herself, but loved to talk and be petted. Nothing seem to bother her, She was so nice to kids and was good with our dogs, too. Cali always watched over my oldest son. Spooky was named that because, when she was young, she was afraid of everything and everyone except our family. I would wrap her in a towel, hold her in my arms, and walk around with her when she was young. The closet was her space. Then one day after our move, she changed. She started coming out to greet people. She walked under the dogs and down the hall in daylight. Once again, when she reached an old age, I held her in my arms and walked around with her. She became the sweetest kitty ever. All three of them have been by my side during all the trials in my life. Their comfort, their unconditional love, their companionship was wonderful. I miss them very much.

--Philomeno Chillino