Online Memorials


2008 - 2021

I had Tinkle since she was just a puppy in 2008 . She was the best little dachshund anyone could ever wish to have . She loved going on walks and car rides but her favorite thing was going to get an ice cream cone . She would sit for hours with my brother and that boy never wanted to let that dog go . After awhile even Tinkle didn't think she should ever have to go outside for any period of time she would potty immediately then demand to come back in and go right to Tyler's room to get back into bed . She slowed down in her older years but every now and then she would tear around the house running just as fast as she could go trying to get her buddy Weeman to play with her . She was the happiest little dog you have ever seen . She was always healthy and never had any issues so her being diagnosed with brain cancer was a shock to us all . She was happy right up till the day the seizures started and we had to put her down . We had 12 almost 13 amazing years together . We decided to have her cremated and her ashes returned to us . My vet along with lasting paws took amazing care of my beautiful little girl . She's missed like crazy and the tears haven't stopped but I know she's fully healed and waiting for me at the rainbow bridge and we will see each other again one day . I love you my sweet girl ❤