Online Memorials


2010 - 2023

tIN tIN WAS BORN IN THE SPRING TIME WHICH MAKES HIM AN ALSOM BLOSSOM pET TIN WAS INTRODUCED TO HIS PET PARENTS MR. HAROLD KNOX AND TYRONE PALMS IN THE MID-SUMMER OF OCTOBER 2011 WHERE HE JOINS THERE AS A FAMILY WHERE HE RESIDES WITH BOTH LOVING PET PARENTS tIN TIN LATER WAS REUNITED WITH HIS SIBLING AND SISTER MISS ANNIE WHERE THEY BOTH BECAME SVC ANIMAL FOR THE STYATE OF TEXAs and honored there pet parents in the time of there needs where they was devoted in both shared top assistance for the pet parent harold knox until tin tin health began to fail him in tin tin lived a happy in great life he out lived his life span as a mixed breed pet. tin tin brought jay happiness to EVERYONE he CAME in touch with tin tin will DEEPLY be missed by his pet parents as wekll as his host in FRIEND. including his beloved sister miss annie. tin tin will PROCEED WITH THE death OF his mother miss sweetie who departed life in the early months of 2018.
all dogs go to heaven in tin tin we know you are there and we love you. love your family and pet PARENTS always in forever.