Online Memorials


May 2016 I looked for a pet at the Humane Society - beautiful and lively dogs to choose from - then I saw a sign saying "deaf" and a poor little starved dog that could barely stand up - mentally challenged, age unknown, beaten, starved, teeth broken out, nearly no hair, body sores, a bad heart, and he was deaf - I was told he might not survive - I took him home and for almost a year he was my ride-buddy, my entertainment, my challenge -- he was distant and alone because of his cruel treatment - he lived in a silent world -- he did not understand what caring meant - I soon realized he was mentally challenged in addition to his suffering - but he was kept warm, clean, well fed, and had a life for the near-year he was with me - he never had a chance at Life like other dogs but he gave a bark at 5:00 a.m. to wake me, he barked when he was not beside me, he gave me reason to feel good, and in his own simple way I think he loved me and I think he knew how much I loved him -- God speed little buddy - I miss you

Randy Sigley