Online Memorials

Timber Alonzo tito sisk

2015 - 2023

Timber passed away sourounded by lovedones at Animal Emergency and specialty center Parker,co early monday morning from lymphoma and kidney failure.

Timber was born february 12th, 2015 in snowy park county colorado. not much is known about his early life other than his rambunctious nature and unique derpy personality. at just over a year old He father a litter of puppies before being relinquished to the summit county animal shelter. when I first met timber, I knew he was special and over time everyone else did too. he formed a special bond with me and over the next 6 years we shared in so many great adventures. from colorado to virginia for several years we enjoyed each others company and his love for being outside. weather it was 30 below and blizzard conditions or over 100 with humididty it was like a hostage negotiation to get him to come insde. on many occasions we would have to carry him inside. he shared so many unique things we his favorite humans from looking out verious windows and doors to napping with his nana and sharing ice with his TEge timber formed special bonds with everyone. the way he played with his toys to entertain himself and his goofy sleeping positions(normally on his back) have brought so much love and joy into our lives. we all thought of him as part of our family and he picked up so many nicknames. timby timb, EL Snooto, Derpasaurus and little Snoot to name a few.
my fondest memory of him is unfortunetly one of my last with him. when i was told their wasnt much else we could do, I took him home so he could be comfortable. that night i picked him up and layed him in my bed. he laid his head on my pillow like he usually did and we fell asleep streing into eachothers eyes. he seemed so at peace and was even smiling as i comforted him. as if to say, I have lived a good life and im happy it was with you.

I will love my precious timby snoot forever and i am so glad he chose me to be the one he would eventually say goodbye with.