Online Memorials

Thor Alexander Dugay

Thor, it's been just over three weeks since you left us somewhat unexpectedly. I knew we loved you, but what I didn't realize is how much you were truly part of nearly every moment of our lives. Dad and I can't go to the grocery store without choking up. We miss hearing your nails on the kitchen floor as you tap dance around the island, waiting for your dinner. I miss seeing your little face waiting to be let inside after going out to do "your business." One of the things I miss the most is seeing you at bedtime. You'd always walk over to my side of the bed, look up at me with the sweetest face (while slowly wagging your little stub) so I could lift you up to lay down. I thank God for the brevity of your illness... and for allowing us that time to really love you and dote on you. The days before you passed were finally starting to look brighter. Daddy & I thought you were really improving and that things were looking up. It was so good to see you dance in circles again and run and bark outside. It hurts so much that we didn't know you were dying that Sunday night. I have so much hurt and guilt in my heart because of how I panicked that night. Instead of staying calm, I lost my mind as you quickly passed away in our arms. I know I've told you so many times, but I am sorry. I am so sorry we had no idea what was happening. If love could have kept you alive, you would have never died. A piece of our hearts will be with you forever. Thank you for making our lives better. Thank you for the smiles. Thank you for the memories. Thank you for your stubbornness over the years! Even though it was so frustrating to us, it now confirms how strong you really were. You were the toughest, strongest dog I've ever known. You overcame so much in life (bad knees, injuries from the neighbor dog, etc). You handled your diabetes like a real champ! You didn't really like having to wear a diaper, but you accepted it. When you lost your vision from the diabetes, it broke our hearts. I will never regret the money spent on your eye surgery so you could see again. I am so proud of you for always staying strong! I know you're no longer in pain. I just hope you realize how much you're loved and missed. I hope you've found my Poppy. He'll take care of you until Daddy & I are with you again. One day we'll all be together again. I can't wait to see you wag your little stub while dancing in circles once again. I will always love our "Thorman Alexander, Little Whacky Zacky." You ARE A GOOD BOY! Love, Mommy
--Kim Dugay