Online Memorials

Tex Carter-Mayo

2007 - 2024

In Loving Memory of Tex Carter-Mayo
It is with heavy hearts and fond memories that we say goodbye to a beloved member of our family, Tex Carter-Mayo. Tex, a male Shih Tzu, was not just a pet; he was a loyal companion, a cherished son, and a steadfast friend who shared our lives for an incredible 18 years.
Tex witnessed the milestones of our family, standing by as the kids grew up and becoming an integral part of our journey. Through the ups and downs, Tex's unwavering love and companionship brought joy and comfort to our home. He was more than a pet; he was a source of laughter, solace, and endless affection.
In recent years, Tex's role in our family deepened even further. His name changed to Tex Carter-Mayo, symbolizing the unique and special bond he shared with Troy Mayo. Tex became not just a pet but a stepson, embracing a new identity as a Mayo, a testament to the love and care he received.
For the past decade, Troy and I have been blessed to raise Tex together. Through shared moments, daily routines, and countless memories, Tex became an integral part of our family dynamic. His playful antics, gentle nature, and unconditional love enriched our lives in ways words cannot capture.
As we bid farewell to Tex, we remember the joy he brought to our home and the love he generously shared. Though he may no longer be by our side, his paw prints will forever be imprinted on our hearts. Tex Carter-Mayo, you were more than a pet; you were family, and your memory will live on in the laughter and love you brought into our lives.
Rest in peace, dear Tex. You will be deeply missed.