Online Memorials


To my Beloved Cat Tabitha who I had the privledge of having for 12 1/2 years. As she always wanted to be around me and was always around me and she did everything she could to please me even when she was weak from not eating. She would even groom my face and I would tell her that daddy didn't need grooming. But she would do it anyways. I could even call her name when I was in bed, and wherever she was she would come running and jump up on the bed with me. And she would even knead like cats do when they are feeding even though she was not. And Tabitha would also lay down on my chest when I was laying down on the bed and purr or when I would laying back in my computer chair and tap on my chest she would walk across my stomach and put her head on my shoulder. And I would pet her and talk to her or if I rolled over when I was in bed so that she could no longer see my face she would go to the other side by walking over me or walking around me so that she could put her face as close to mine as possible. She would always talk to me in cat talk, and if she felt I was ignoring her by being on the computer she would run fast in the living room like a crazy cat and make a noise and Tami my other cat and I would look at Tabitha and I would say: what is wrong Tabitha. And I am over here, and then she would come over and I would reassure her that everything was okay. And she always wanted to be around me, and she and Tami would always be at the door when I came home to greet me. And when I was in the bathroom she would always come in no matter what. Everywhere I went she went. And of course she liked it when I held her like a baby. And Tabitha and Tami both have complete or absolute trust in me. Tabitha has helped me to understand love better and she has helped me to understand how valuable animals and people are. And she also taught me that everything is also not about me. And she showed me that selfishness is not the way. And she use to always kiss me by licking me and she liked it when I kissed her and she always liked rolled over so I could pet and kiss her tummy. After God recreates the new heavens and the new earth. I will ask God to recreate you my precious friend.

Sincerely yours,

Pete Herrera

(The two cats in the photo are mine from the same litter and Tabitha is the cat on the right.)