Online Memorials


2010 - 2020

Sully was a feisty Sulcata Tortoise. When she was a hatchling she use to purposely rock herself at the top of the ramp in her enclosure, she’d tuck her arms and legs in and slide down the ramp. She’s do it over and over again and sometimes knocking her other tort roommates down the ramp so she could slide!! She loved pumpkin and the one time of year she got it, she’d eat so fast and frantically that her eyes would be covered in pumpkin and she couldn’t see but she’d continue eating! We’ve had so many adventures scouring the neighborhood looking for her after she’d escape, she was a master escape artist. Sully would always come out when her mom called her name, thinking there would be a treat that would follow. She would do anything for treats. Sully was loved and will be dearly missed!!