Online Memorials


2006 - 2023

He crossed Rainbow Bridge at approximately 1:30 pm March 09 2023. We had to euthanize him. This is too upsetting. It was his liver. 😢 !! We don't want to think anything else but that even though he was eating he was in pain and suffering. Cats never show their illness. The liver readings were way up there and very out of range. We are just going to accept that he lived a long happy life with us and was getting old. He was part Maine Coon and their average lifespan is up to 12 years. We are crying like crazy and can't stop! :'(((!!!
He was the best cat we ever had. We love all of them but he was so easy going and too lovable.|
Forever and ever in Our Hearts Skippy the Hippie Cat ✝️ 💓❤️ XOXOXOXOX
(July 09 2006-March 09 2023)