Online Memorials


2014 - 2022

On November 19, 2016 , I was blessed with meeting one of the best boy a person could ask for. I visited The Animal Humane Society of New Mexico and was able to meet Sergie. He was extremely shy and nervous due to having been previously used as an animal research/testing subject. Once he was adopted and was brought into a loving home and was never used for testing again. He finally learned what true love was, and what a true family could be; even though he was still quite skittish around loud and unexpected sounds. Over the next six years Sergie taught me the meaning of parenthood,love,joy, and companionship.
Sergie used to help me with my seizures by running around in circles or, by pawing at my leg to help me alert me of a seizure. After those times, he'd refuse to leave me alone; he'd lie at my feet or by my side. It broke my heart loosing him to his severe illness. Loosing a pet is hard enough but, loosing him on my Birthday was absolutely crushing.

Sergie was a loving, caring, joyful, loud click-clacking dog who loved nothing more than to eat and bury his Milk bones.

Thank you for being such a loving friend and I hope you’re resting in peace. You’re always in my heart, Sergie. Here's to a very special boy who I was honored to have as my son for six wonderful years. You may be gone but, you'll always live on in my heart. Although my heart is broken and my eyes are full of tears, I thank you for the six wonderful years I had with you. Here's to you my sweet Sergie boy.