Online Memorials

Ryu Kurai

2002 - 2017

Dear sweet Ryu,
My first baby. What will I do without you trailing behind me as I scuttle about the house. How cold my shoulders will be without you lounging on the back of the couch behind me. I'll miss our talks so much. How you always greeted me at the door after going out. When you always wanted cuddles, you'd paw at me gently and demand your loving immediately. When I'd pick you up and snuggle you, you'd place your chin on my shoulder, purring as loud as you could. You would always cuddle close next to me and sleep every chance you could. I'll miss your loud purr and head bumps so much. The whole you've left in my heart will always be full of your memory. No matter how old you were, you always were ready to play. Feathers were your favorite. You loved playing in any cardboard box and chased down any moth daring enough to enter your territory. You chirped at the birds outside the window. Your favorite food was tuna, chicken and devouring cat nip. You were my Boo Bear, my Roo, my little love. My heart breaks that you're gone but know I will see you again, one day. I love you Ryu.
Forever your mummy.
P.S. Keep Socks company for me!????