Online Memorials


2005 - 2021

At 13 my parents took me to the shelter. There amongst all the egar dogs was one who stood out. Probably cause she was jumping almost to the top of her kennel. She was 3 year old malamute/klee kai mix. Basically a short small malamute. And she quickly stole my heart. She bad severe kennel cough and wasnt eating but I managed to nurse her back to full health. Rykannas favorite past times included raiding the trash, howling, and going to parks and going down slides and sitting on my lap on the swing. Later she became a great protector of the human babies I had and they grew to call her their sister. After all as far as I was concerned she was just as much my baby. As time went on she mellowed out. Then began seizures. It was determined she had a brain tumor. Eventually this would mean her end but she stood strong and made it to 16 years old before the worst one came. It was one of the hardest decisions I had to make. To let my baby cross rainbow bridge. She was the best older sister my 2 kids could ask for and the best companion of 14 years I could ask for. You are missed dearly rye bread. I know my mom is taking good care of you up there and I will see you again in time. Good bye is not forever. Goodbye is not the end. It simply means I'll miss you, until we meet again.