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Rooster Goat

Rooster the pack-goat! ...a "rescue goat" meaning he was a dairy herd reject headed for the butcher. A Sable Sannan breed of dairy goat he became our pack goat at the age of one. Spent his next 7-1/2 years hiking the Rocky Mountains of Colorado with his stable mate, Peanut Goat. Climbed 8 of Colorado's 14-ers and summitted over a 100 of Colorado's most scenic summits. He and Peanut tirelessly hauled our gear over miles and miles of rugged steep terrain with never a complaint. And like most goats, a constant source of endless entertainment. He was the dominant goat both because of his size and personality (bigger than life) and will never be forgotten ...his 10-lbs of ashes are being spread amongst Colorado's trails and summits. Farewell Rooster ...your dust will eternally blow through our minds and hearts here forth! Love you Buddy!
--Steve/Pam & Peanut (Misti & Lucy - horse barn mates)