Online Memorials


2007 - 2022

Remi was adopted from the Boulder Valley Humane Society on Memorial Weekend back in 2011. He was very shy at first, but it quickly changed after being in our family and meeting his best friend JD. He quickly became my little man with a big heart. Remi loved treats of all kinds and often found himself in trouble because of it. Those glistening little eyes could always convince me to give just a little extra. He loved car rides and was always eager to go. He quickly learned how to get his coat and leash and wait by the door so we could leave. Remi loved to bask in the sun and sit on his perch to keep watch outside. He had strong little “Popeye” arms and would fly and jump unlike any other weenie dog I've known. Because of his super canine strength, he was a champion and won first place in the weenie dog race back in 2013. Shortly thereafter, he retired so he could go out on top. Remington was a Halloweenie costume contest winner and adored his squirrel costume so much that I had to hide it from him. Remi was always eager to please and would cooperate with my antics of holiday photos and coordinated fashion. I was his everything and he always had his eye on me. He was my fierce protector and a good judge of character. You definitely had to get through him before you got to me. Remi leaves behind a wonderful loving family, including his partner in crime, Harley, his adored Grandpuppymaw and Grandpuppypaw and his favorite, Uncle J-man.