Online Memorials


Your parting was difficult it was hard to let go. Even to the end, we wanted to say "No!" But your poor little legs-they just wouldn't work and try as we might we couldn't will you to be the wiggly worm that brought us glee. You tried so hard all the way up to the end. But even you couldn't make yourself mend. It ripped at our hearts and right to our soul, "No, 'Wormie'-we don't want you to go!" But we had to do it. I hope you can see You wouldn't be happy- there'd be no more glee. So, in your Tim's arms, you let yourself go. You were taken to the after-life by your friend The Crow. We miss you so much- the tears continue to flow- but slowly--oh so very slowly- we'll be ready to know a life filled with memories, of a very special boy- Our 'Piper the Dog' who filled our lives with extreme joy. Loving you FOREVER........
-- Mandy and Tim