Online Memorials


My dearest little Paisley Sparkle... from the first day we met when you laid your tiny head on my shoulder till your last when you died in my arms, you have been my angel. Everyone who met you said you were the sweetest girl, I am so lucky you were mine. I know you are with Keesa now, running around and smiling with that silly little tail of yours wagging. No more coughing, no more diapers, no more sickness. I know you stayed with me as long as you could and someday I will thank you. I miss you so much. I will love you until the day I die. Grief is overwhelming me but I know sweet memories will help me soon. I wish I could take you on one more walk. I can never say goodbye. I will see you again. I have to believe. Play hard, my little Schmenkman, chicken hawk, Paisley Sparkle.