Online Memorials


Well Oscar I am updating your tribute as it has been three months since my heart was broken in two. I thought missing you would get easier with time. It hasn't!! In fact, some days I lay around missing you so much that I can hardly function and my honey do list just gets longer and longer. It was so easy to do all our manly chores around the house because I know you always had my back. You never let anyone come onto the property without letting me know and when the coast was clear you would go on your own little adventure and pee on the neighbor's bushes. I never did give you up even when they asked what was killing their bushes...? Our little secret. I really miss our trips to Lowes or Home Depot to get supplies and how we always, always got a hot dog from the loved hot dogs! I have been staying in the motorhome these past few weeks since we sold the house and my pending retirement. I have had your little shrine with me the whole time and can't go anywhere without it. You are still close to my heart, and I think you will come back to me someday in some other form of dog life, but if you don't that is okay. I know at least you will be waiting for me at the Rainbow bridge and you will be jumping for joy with excitement like you did every time I came home from work or the matter how long I was gone. I miss that the most. I love you buddy and still miss you more than some of my own friends and family. That may be sad to say, but it's true. Your unconditional love will never be matched or felt again for a very long time. Until we meet again OMWDB...I Love You!
--WA Farrow