Online Memorials


2002 - 2018

Our sweet Olive was gentle, kind and very loving. A mixed breed we often described her as a Border Collie hybrid as they told us that was her dominant breed. We were blessed to have her and so thankful for the many years we had together. She was a happy girl and a pleasure to be around, unless you were a ground squirrel-then it wasn't pleasant at all. She had the most adorable quirks which made her all the more loved. We were always greeted with an enthusiastic wave of her front paw when coming home. She loved to lick feet and it was a fair game if you took your socks off. She preferred to do her own pedicures rather than have us or anyone else trim her nails. Best not to try to determine how we found this out but she could quickly become obsessed with smelling human tongues. Given the opportunity, she would eagerly pursue it. Thankfully, it didn't occur to her unless it was presented. Paws were always on top, if your hand was near her Paw was on top of your hand, never under. That was a rule.
Olive was a very good girl. We miss her dearly and will always remember her. She was the best doggie ever.