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2002 - 2016

Neelix Tidwell August 2002 – August 2016

Today our hearts are breaking, but I know in time they will heal. Today, tomorrow and at times when we least expect it we will cry and go through a whole box of tissue. You see today we lost a member of our family, yes a member of our family. Today our beloved Neelix looked into my eyes and said “Dad, I’m not able to run like I use too, it takes me longer to come when called and I’m so very tired. Dad, I’m ready to go see Kissy, B’Elanna, Mario, and the others, Please Dad can I go?” I wanted to be stingy and say “No, we need you here with us!”, but I knew the family loved him too much to deny him anything. You see, we waited 3 years for High Country Bassett Rescue to find this little boy so he could join our family. We watched him grow up, go to school and graduate top of his group. We enjoyed the times we cuddled with him and we respected the times he just wanted to be alone. We watched him when he really wanted to work for a treat or be lazy and hang off the side of the couch to get a drink of water. We all have chased him around the table when he wanted to play and we have scratched him on his neck just to watch his leg thump the ground over and over again, and we all loved it when he just wanted to lay in my lap and sleep. So when he said he was ready to go I listened. Today our Neelix crossed over the “Rainbow Bridge” to join all his previous family members who have gone before him. I’m still crying as I write this trying to make out the keys and hitting delete or backspace to correct my errors. God knows the whole Family is going to miss Neelix as much as we miss all our previous pets, but I know God will take extra good care of him. Not just because Neelix crossed the “Rainbow Bridge” to get into Heaven, but because everyone knows God is a Bassett person.