Online Memorials


2012 - 2023

I got Medusa when she was about 5 weeks young. She was sick, sore red bottom and wouldn't eat. I bottle fed her and took care of her little bottom. She loved to steal the straws out of my fountain drinks and take them to the cat food dish. She would nip at my nose for a little love tap. I loved the way she walked. Twisty little furry bottom. She was my "little Lady" with a grumpy face. She passed away August 29th 2023 about 2:15 pm. I made the decision to have her humanely euthanized due to end stage renal failure. The vet helped me decide since the treatment would be harsh on her since she was like a month away from being 11. My daughter and mom were there. I rubbed her head as I looked into her eyes so I was the last thing in her life. She lived a spoiled little girl life. I miss her terribly and love her so much. I think about her every day. I have a memorial on Pinterest for her.
Lasting Paws did a wonderful beautiful job in preserving her remains. The paw print is beautiful. She is now in heaven with her sister Mimi who passed away last year in February.
Mommy loves you so much Medusa 💔💔💔♥️♥️♥️Rip