Online Memorials


2003 - 2013

Murphy (1/18/2003 - 5/16/2013) - I love you so much, sweet Murphy. I can't believe the time has come so soon; you were still running and playing right to the end. And you always trusted me. I hope I did what you would have wanted. So now you are gone, but I am left with this physical hurt in my heart from missing you so much. Oh Murphy....I will always remember the way you would howl for your food; the way you would run for a toy to bring me each time I walked in the door; the way you would look at me from the corner of your eye when I had food, thinking I didn't know you were looking at me. You would make me laugh so hard at the dog park when you would get the other dogs chasing you, always looking over your shoulder to make sure they were still behind you. Most of all I will miss those beautiful brown expressive eyes. My sweet Murphy! The window where you would lay on your doggie bed is so empty--did you know I still can't move your bed even though it's been two weeks? It still has your impression from your lying there. You and I took at least two walks a day, and now I walk alone. Those walks just don't feel right without you. You were named Murphy after Murphy's Law, because everything went wrong the day I got you.,.I almost returned you; I guess God knew what was meant for both you and I, because I think you were the best in the world. Oh how I loved you. I will miss you forever, my sweet Murphster.
-- Jan Whitney