Online Memorials

Mrs. Missy


I got you from a shelter in Boulder about 3 years ago. You were already an "old lady", but you were the cutest old lady there! Yes, you had no hair on your tail, and you were balding on your back from lack of care and Cushing's that nobody bothered to treat. Your ears were so infected that it caused you to be partially and permanently deaf, and your tail was crooked when you wagged it (on very special occasions as you were very leery) because it had been broken so many times. You were starting to have cataracts and you only had five teeth left in your mouth as you were never cared for. But, to me you were the most beautiful little girl in the whole shelter and the entire Boulder! I knew you would be "different", kind of stand-offish and shy, didn't really want to be held and was only open around me, but we had so much fun. When you would bite the air because I was "getting your paws", and how you would flip your bed over and over and drag the covers all over the room. You were special, all right, you were the best thing that could have happened to me, and I am missing you horribly. Didn't matter that you weren't a "bathing beauty", you lived through all that happened to you because you were put here to be my baby, and I'll never forget you. See you soon, little Mrs. Missy!