Online Memorials


1995 - 2018

My Molly, you were the most amazing companion, friend, partner, cat, and family member I could have ever asked for. By my side and on my lap, you were the one constant through all the struggles I've encountered including cancer and recovery, the death of my first child, the birth of my second, divorce, my bachelors and masters programs, unemployment, the death of my mother, relocations, relational difficulties, holidays, jobs, and everything else.

This morning, I woke up as I have each morning since your passing and spent precious time thinking of my enjoyment of preparing your canned breakfast, then watching you walk to your bed to relax the majority of your day. I miss you sitting on my lap or by my side while I drank coffee, read the news, play video games, or watch TV. I miss watching how you loved and took care of my son, Tyler and watching how he ever enjoyed your companionship and friendship throughout the entirety of his 12 years.

Molly, not a day will pass that we wont think about you and the love and joy you brought us throughout your 23 years with us. Not a day will pass that I can't wait to see you again, happy, healthy, and full of joy. You and I have shared quite the journey, always together, always happy.

Your urn, fur, clay paw print, and ink paw prints will always serve as my physical reminder of how dearly precious you were to my son and I. We love you Molly and will see you again.