Online Memorials


2006 - 2018

We’ll never forget the day you became part of our family. Our lives changed forever. You were the most unique little girl we had ever seen. You kept us laughing all the time. You were on our minds every millisecond of every day. You were bigger than life and your presence was in every inch of our home. It’s so hard without you. The house feels empty and quiet. We feel so lost without you. Your toys and bed are just as they were when you left, as if there’s a chance you’re coming back. We’re relieved that you are no longer suffering, but we just miss you so much. Because you were our baby girl, we were in denial that your time was coming to an end. The last couple of weeks were obviously difficult for you. The doctor said it was time. We had to think of you. We miss you, we love you and you are forever in our hearts and souls. Love Dad, Mommy, Ryan and Tommy ❤️💋