Online Memorials


2002 - 2019

My sweet, baby boy. I haven’t quite figured out how to get through the rest of this life of mine without you by my side. From the moment we found you on that hard, concrete, shelter floor, you and I have been soulmates. I’ve had and loved dogs my whole life, but you were different. You changed my life and made me an even better owner. Every dog that comes into our home will have an even better life because of you. It breaks my heart to think that such a handsome, intelligent, exceptionally attentive dog was so close to euthanasia, but we found each other and I cherish each and every day we shared together. I’ll miss you my boy-the smell of your fur, watching you stick your head out the car window, playing with your blanket, rubbing your ears...I love you so much and grieve your passing every day. Please take care of Maggie and Emmitt for me and I will see you in the distant future.