Online Memorials

Mia Cara

Mia Cara, what an awesome dog you were!! A rescue from the humane society, we did not know what a gem we were getting. You always only wanted to make us happy! You quickly became Adrienne's shadow and just like in the picture, you wanted to be near her, even when she was just cleaning her car, you quickly jumped into the trunk, ready for a sunny snooze... For me you were the perfect running partner, training me to go all around the neighborhood and even all the way up the Peak!! Never tired, always leading, you were the greatest. Playing with the kids in the yard, never mad, never angry, just a gentle soul, a perfect fit for us. Having you ripped from our family way too soon, we are heartbroken and can't believe you are not here to greet us, to come into the kitchen for a treat when I cook, to wait in the morning for me to put the running shoes on... no more Mia, no more joyful bark going to the mailbox with me...we miss you terribly and hope to see you someday at the bridge!!! Love you good girl !!
-- Petra, Adrienne and the Family