Online Memorials


2005 - 2021

Maggie, you were the last of the golden girls. You were the Betty white of the pack. You will be forever loved and missed. For 15-1/2 years you showed your daddy what it meant to love a dog. Every time we eat fries, we will do so in your honor. Katrina misses you terribly. We all do. Even with your 5 sisters here, the house feels so empty. You were my old lady and the one who never left my side. 2 hours after you passed you sent me a black and yellow butterfly...a sign of the end of a life cycle. A few hours later you sent me a feather...a sign that you were safe and at peace. I love you Maggie. I hope one day you find your way back to me. I love you. We all loved you. I hope you knew just how much you were loved. We love you and miss you!
Love ❤️
Mommy, daddy, Katrina and your 5 sisters...penny, Harper, Ginger, Megan and Bailey.