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2010 - 2024

LUNA 2010-2024
Luna Lovebug, you’ve left a gaping hole in our hearts and home. I keep looking for you, expecting you to be there taking care of us all. You took your caretaker responsibilities seriously. Such a loving, funny girl. Always the boss of other dogs, even those much bigger. And you made sure all your people and cats knew the rules and followed them. You taught us many things. Like when you would sit on a walk to tell us you wanted to meet a dog passing by. And how you loved those other dogs. I remember when we brought you home on Halloween and you had never seen grass before and were afraid to walk on it. I loved how you would steal Kleenex out of my pockets and tear them to shreds, spitting out the pieces. And oh my, you loved our walks together. You and your Dad would get up at 4:30 every morning and walk in the dark, rain, freezing cold, or snowing. You waited by the door for Dad to come home at lunch or after work, knowing the three of us would take a walk together. And you loved going to the mountains with us and exploring, noticing wildlife before we did. The last few months you were too weak to walk far, but we went on the walks anyway with you being pulled in the wagon. I asked you to tell me when you were ready to cross the rainbow bridge, and you finally did tell us. We think you waited so you could still take care of us. Rest easy our sweet, sweet girl. We will meet again someday on the other side. You were so, so loved. Like no other. Like I told you, you’ll be in my heart forever.