Online Memorials

Little Bear

2000 - 2013

Little Bear came into this world August 30th 2000 and left us September 3,2013. Bear was full of love from the first day that he came into our house, he was our protector, our best friend and loyal companion. Everyday was a good day for bear and no matter how bad of a day I had, Bear made sure when I walked through the door, he was there with a hug and kiss, always making my day. For the last 13 years Bear and I walked every morning in our favorite field just down from our house, he loved to walk and I really enjoyed those mornings we spent together. To say that I will miss Bear is an understatement, when he left us he took a large piece of my heart with him and I am not sure I will ever get that back. Our house feels so empty and lifeless since he left us, but we do have powerful good memories of all the good times (which was all the time) with Bear, God Speed my friend, until we meet again, we love and miss you...Little Bear.
--Bobby B