Online Memorials


2009 - 2018

Jay is a part of my Soul. He has traveled through life times with me. He leaves behind his sister, Stellar, who has been shocked by his absence but also has opened the space for her to get even closer to me. Jay was a healer and an angel in his own right. Jay died on Feb. 18. My son passed away from auto injuries many years ago on July 18. Eighteen days after Jay passed away a circle of dark, tall grass showed up on the exact spot he died on in my back yard. My yard is a sanctuary to all. The following day the circle changed form to a heart. I had not noticed at first until my grandchildren called my attention to it. Jay and I had had "talks" about him "coming back" and bringing me a "gift" to let me know he was doing fine. He kept our agreement. I will always be very grateful to Jay. He was never anything but purity of Love and tenderness. I will always Love him, forever and a day!