Online Memorials


Jaden, My heart is heavy. I hope you know how incredibly missed you are. Our home is not the same without your presence. For almost 13 years you were my only true love, and I could have never imaged the day that you would leave my side. I loved every moment with you. You were more than a dog, you were my family, baby, friend and an irreplaceable companion. All you ever wanted was to be with me. I wish that during your 14th year, we had more time to spend together. Our family changed so much with the birth of our twins and I know you were having a hard time adjusting to not being my baby anymore. I hope that you know that you always meant the world to me, no matter how busy I was. I wish I could give you another hug, pet on the head and that you could have slept in our bed one last time. Even in your last days you sat outside my bedroom door, just wanting to spend more time with me. You can never be replaced and I am so sad that cancer is what took you from me. I wish there would have been something more I could have done. I am so sad you were in pain for who knows how long. I am so thankful for the 14 years I had you in my life. Although I never want my children to experience the loss and hurt I feel, the joy you brought to so many lives in your 14 years of life is something I want our children to experience. I pray that you are happy now, free of pain and running free with Rashad. I pray we will see you again and cross the rainbow bridge together. I just can't say enough how much I miss you and how you have taken a piece of our family's heart that can never be replaced. I will never forget the special times we had and the joy you brought to my life. I will think about you every day. No matter how sad I am, I know you would want our family to open our home and heart to another animal. If it weren't for the loyalty and happiness you brought this family, it wouldn't even be a thought. I still wish this was a bad dream and that you would come home. If only humanity could be as wonderful and as loving as you. Thank you Lord for blessing me with Jaden and for 14 years of a love that is unmatched. You will be in my heart forever. I love you my sweet baby Jaden.
-- Devon