Online Memorials


2007 - 2023

Words really cannot do justice to what a precious magical being you were. You were my soulmate and you took a piece of me with you when you left us. You were my Pantalaimon. We’ve been through everything together, so many adventures. We lived in Indianapolis, Chicago, LA, Phoenix. You’ve been my constant companion for 15 years. I gave you the best life, the best care when you got sick. You always sensed my energy and took care of me when I needed it. Your purr was the best, so loud, and sent healing vibrations to us. You loved your two people more than anything in the world. You thought you were human and no other cat was going to take over your territory, but you did make friends with Mom’s cat Lorenzo once. You loved playing with your toys, especially as a kitten when you tried to make the middle of the night playtime, dropping toys on me while I slept. There was fish on a string, gold beads, devil mouse and kitty. I kept your very first toy this whole time, the orange plastic ring with rotating balls inside, even though you destroyed the protruding pieces on top years ago. You did some nice scratch work on my office chair that I’m still keeping in the office. You were so polite with food, never trying to eat human food except randomly I found out a couple times that you like rice pudding. Classic jazz was your favorite music. You remembered for 15 years that my mom picked you up and squeezed you as a kitten and you never quite got over the grudge. Sorry Mom, I know he loved you in his way. Remember how Saji taught you how to cat? You were braver with climbing things after that. I still don’t know how you used to make it to the top of the cabinets. You were the bravest. Remember when you fearlessly stood up to two pit bulls that were walking outside and tried to attack you through the screen of our open window? You were so strong. You fought GI lymphoma for over 3 years. We even had a good two years after your stroke. Even though you were slower and had to use the pet stairs to the couch and bed, those were 2 good years that I’m so grateful for. But this last one was too much. If my love could heal you, you would have lived forever. I will never forget you my precious boy. You were a beam of pure energy. You were truly The Highlander. And there can be only one.