Online Memorials


Harley came to us as a 3 year old stray with a collar, his name, and a phone number to call. That number was disconnected. We took him to the vet and he was fixed and microchipped. We contacted the microchip company, and they had the same phone number we did. They sent a certified letter to Harley's last known address, and when it came back as undeliverable, they said he was ours if we wanted him. We were so happy that day! We were sent to Germany, and we took him with us. Harley loved Europe, and was able to go into restaurants, and to many festivals with us. He surprised us one day by spontaneously climbing a plastic kiddie slide at a park and running down the other side. That was quite a feat for a 110 pound dog. He must have had some agility training at some point! He was also leashed trained, and was so well behaved and calm that he was accepted into the Red Cross Pet Therapy Program for the wounded warriors coming back from the front lines to the American hospital in Landstuhl, Germany. He touched the lives of many patients and hospital staff on a consistent basis. In 2010 Harley was awarded the 2010 Dog Of The Year Pet Visitation Award from LRMC. Harley leaves behind Norton, a chocolate lab 5 years old and Connor, a boxer pup of 8 months...and his two heartbroken people. We will see you on the bridge someday, and we will never forget you.
-- Arielle Bokkean