Online Memorials

Harley Pearl

2008 - 2021

Harley Pearl was 4 weeks old when we found him at a flea market on Mother’s Day 2008. Harley was always kind and grateful that we brought him home. Playful and fun, he enjoyed zoomies and kisses. We went thru the loss of my husband and Pearl’s Dad in 2014. With the house full of flowers, Harley was a comfort. He managed to get his own bedroom and enjoyed trips to Colorado(in 2015) and Utah(2020). He was a good traveler. Harley loved bananas and kale. He was the most behaved bunny ever.
He even was a good companion thru surgeries I had. Harley Pearl was a true love bug and loyal to all who knew him. He gave 13 full years of love and devotion.